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This is where I document stories & teachings in a video format. I love creating videos and video editing helps me be more creative and gives me an opportunity to learn how to be out there and not get judged by people. 

In this page you’ll find videos on topics like: Lifestyle, Productivity, Hacks, Books, Stories, Backpacking and many more… you can check out the channel here

10 tricks to read more

Here are a few ways, tricks & hacks to help you read more every single day. They are not just my favourite but also the most important ways because of the way we live our lives. These hacks and ways trick our minds and compel us to read.

How I started reading books

This is my story and a series of incidents that made me fall in love with books. There are more than 5 incidents and since then I’ve never stopped reading.

How to take Digital notes (Part 2) + Quotes Collecting Process

How to document everything you consume and automate your Digital note-taking process. Notion and Roam research are our second brain and we should make it as easy as possible to document and find stuff.

20 learnings from Leonardo da Vinci

My top 20 learnings from history’s most curious human 🙌

My new standing table + Workspace

The DIY that changed my life. Work from home just got a lot better. Bye-Bye Back Pain. Probably the cheapest standing table ever ❤️

What to expect from my YT channel?

What’s the goal behind this channel? What will you get out of this channel? What kind of content? How often? and many more…

How to read a book + [7 TIPS]

How to read a book + 7 Tips to help maximise a book reading experience. I read more than 50 books a year and after lots of trial and error… I found a good way to read books 🙌


How everyone watching this video is a Time Billionaire? A different perspective to look at life and time. We are all born billionaires.


Show your work by Austin Kleon is a must-read for a creator 🚀 Learn 20 things from the book and know how to show your work ❤️

The Story of Dogecoin

Dogecoin was started as a joke. What happened next is absolutely unbelievable 🚀  Know how a meme coin is teaching the world cryptocurrency, blockchain, community and many more while having a good time laughing at the memes 🙌

Elon Musk on Clubhouse

Elon Musk on Clubhouse for the first time and it shook the internet 🙌 From Sharing his life stories to grilling Robinhood’s CEO… From talking about his companies to Why he loves memes.

How to take Digital Notes (Notion + Roam)

How to turn Book notes into Digital notes | Three ways to take digital notes & 4 Reasons behind why you should take digital notes 🚀

WFH setup

I documented my quarantine workspace for two reasons. 1. To share few hacks I use everyday and 2. To document a story for my grandchildren when they as how bad was 2020 ugh 😏

Visiting Statue of Unity in Feb 2019

Frank & I visited Statue of Unity when it was just opened and still had construction going on. I regret using the F-word alot in this video. I should have beeped them. F*ck. 

Frank experiencing Indian weddings

Frank was backpacking India when I was going to attend 3 cousin’s weddings. I invited him to experience Indian weddings. He danced, ate, participated in rituals, He literally became my mom’s white son 😂. 

Meet Frank Willemsen

We shoot this video because 1. We wanted to share who frank is and we’ll be seeing him alot. 2. We wanted to document a story of how we met 🤝

3 things NOT to do when you travel

There are few things that you should not do when you travel and I shared 3 of those things. Check it out ✈️

Must read travel books

Few travel books that helped me travel better 📚

How to budget before start travelling

How to Budget before travelling? was one of the most asked question after I returned home. 
Enjoy and share the video. 

How to start a conversation

This trick worked for me and I hope it works for you too. But hey you just have to start eventually you’ll figure out what works for you. PEACE

Backpacking hacks

3 Simple Backpacking Hacks was my first video where I tried lots of stuff at the same. 
This is video where I found my love of editing videos. 

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