Hi, I'm Prado

I like to write, document, be curious, create StoryCards and chill on the internet ❤️ 

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This website is my life's Encyclopedia.

Top 5 Things you’ll find on this website:-

  • Essays (Topics & things that most people aren’t talking about)
  • Stories, Quotes & sometimes Rap Lyrics.
  • Better ways to be productive & to live a better Life
  • My Life’s Journey (My works, mistakes, learnings, goals, travels, teachings and many more)
  • Books, humour, great minds, unorthodox ways of looking at things & extremely diverse topics.

Why the word 'Pradologue'?

Prado + (Monologue & Travelogue)

I believe in being Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and so can every human with enough quality education.

This is the only place where you’ll find my life’s journey.

This is my home on the Internet.

My end goal?

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Who is Prado?

My name is Pradarshan and I’m a Consultant.

I’m in my early twenties, a self-employed consultant, Writer, Creator, Backpacker, StoryCollector, Meme creator & Book reader 📚

I write about the Internet, Business, Non-fictional stories, Life, Reading, Productivity, Documenting, Personal Health & Finance, Interesting humans & many more…

I’ve visited 8 countries and backpacked for over a year ✈️

I’m a human version of a Swiss Army Knife.
I tweet, edit videos, build websites, create strategies, design graphics, click pictures, sell products, consult for companies, and work my tail off. Plus, the only thing I miss is my ex, not my deadlines.

I’ve started GOAT Book Club and interviewed great authors like Mike Monteiro, Tim Wigmore, Amy Shira Teitel, Mohamed Fadel and many more…

Currently a Youth Advisor at GEMH Lab (Games for Emotional and Mental Health) Radboud University, Netherlands 

Spending most of my time collecting stories for StoryCards 🚨

You can also find me on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram

Chat soon,


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