Hi, I'm Prado 👋

I build products, write, and find interesting things on the internet.

Every Friday, I publish a newsletter that will help you become healthy, wealthy and wise 👇

This website is my life's Encyclopedia.

Top 5 Things you’ll find on this website:-

  • Essays. 
  • Stories, quotes, questions, memes & sometimes rap lyrics.
  • How to live a fulfilled life ❤️ (Lots of life philosophy)
  • My Life’s Journey (My works, mistakes, learnings, goals, travels, teachings and many more)
  • Books, humour, great minds, unorthodox ways of looking at things & interestingly diverse topics.
I believe in being healthy, wealthy & wise and so can every human with enough quality education.

Why the word 'Pradologue'?

Prado + (Monologue x Travelogue x Prologue)

This is the place where you can find me travelling through time. My life’s journey.

This is my home on the Internet.

My end goal?

“I want to be 83 years old, sit on a beach with my grandchildren and tell them stories.” 

You can read more on this here

Who is Prado?

My name is Pradarshan and I’m a Consultant.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, builder, backpacker, storycollector, memelord, reader & then some…

I write about the Internet, business, human psychology, non-fictional stories, life, reading, productivity, documenting, personal health & finance, interesting humans & many more…

I’ve visited 8 countries and backpacked for over a year 

I once created a video which was viewed live by people from over 120+ countries in an international conference. 

I’m a human version of a Swiss Army Knife.
I write tweet, edit videos, build projects, create strategies, understand human-nature, click pictures, sell digital products, consult for companies, and work my tail off.
Plus, the only thing I miss is my ex, not my deadlines.

I consult on these topics – Education, Community, Web3, Growth, Storytelling, Marketing strategies, 

Current Projects:

  • Running InterestingRoad.com 
  • Building a marketing business (goatfish.xyz)
  • Helping events showcase their story (goatfish.in)

    In Aug 2023, we worked with Harvard University’s IRC & Worldview team to tell HMUN India’s story (Watch the IG reel here)

Previous Side Projects:

Now, I spend most of my time building Goatfish Labs 

You can also find me on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram

Chat soon,