Since I read Simon Sinek’s Start with why I kept asking myself what’s my why, What’s the purpose of my life? Going into the endless loops of asking questions to myself WHY?, WHY?, WHY?
I couldn’t find it, I couldn’t figure it out.

I started watching videos about how to find your why, read the book Find your why by simon sinek again, Nothing worked. I still couldn’t figure it out.

I started reading biographies and watching documentaries. They spoke to me like I’m their grandkid and the author/great mind is telling me their life’s story. It felt so good to see how far have they come. That’s when a question clicked in my mind.

“What’s the one thing you’d still do even when you are 83 years old?”

I answered saying: I love telling stories.

I’ve always been the person who helps people and gives them something even when I have nothing to give. Stories are the best way to share something.

Soon I realized telling stories is too vague of a goal. I need to be more precise. It should be my life’s tagline. A sentence that defines everything about me and everything that I’m trying to do.

So I started asking more questions.

Few Questions like:

  • Whom am I sharing these stories with?
  • Where do you want to be when you share these stories?
  • How this goal will help me become a better human?
  • Can this goal fulfill your life?
  • Is this goal leading me to freedom? (Cause every goal should)

This was also the time when I started documenting my everyday life in a form of night journal. Before going to sleep, write one page about your day. Simple.

I loved documenting my day and fell in love in with going back and seeing myself grow a lot as a human. There was happiness on my face whenever I opened a random page in my journal.

Started creating these small stories in my mind… about the things I used to do couple of years back and how they paved way for the current lifestyle.

This is how I answered the first question.

  1. Whom am I sharing these stories with?

Kids & Grandkids.

I will be sharing these stories with the world too, But the motive on creating these stories became much clear.

This is when I started connecting dots.

  • Where do I want to be? Beach (no doubts)
  • How this goal will help me become a better human?

Ever heard this quote before

Focus on the process, not the outcome

Quick story on this one:

My mother once asked me two questions about this goal: How can you be so sure on?

  • One – You’ll live till 83?
  • Two – You’ll have grandkids (or kids for that matter)

I replied my mom saying “the idea of this goal is not to achieve it but to live the process

The hidden goal is to push me into creating good stories.

Go ahead ask yourself: Would you tell your grandchildren a bad story? No right.

Having an end goal made my decision making easier.

I ask myself all the time: Will this be a good story for my grandchildren?

No, move on.
Yes, Go for it 🚀

Chances are that we’ll achieve this goal by the age of 63 itself (or we never achieve it at all). But the whole point of this goal is to do things which will create great stories for our grandchildren.

It’s also one of the reasons why I started backpacking at the age of 20. I don’t want to tell my grandkids a story about how I got a job right after my college and got my first car etc, etc.

Imagine the conversation you’ll have with them when you tell them about your travels and all the crazy stuff you did.

Let me share my story:
Got graduated at age of 20, been freelancing and working with startups for over 3 years, did more sales than the employees. Decided to pack one bag and leave on an unknown journey.

This is where things get crazy: In the course of next one year, I met people from over 50 countries, backpacked alone to Nepal for 13 days with just ₹1000 or $13, almost died in Varanasi (saved by an Irish guy), trusted strangers to host me, tried traditional food, explored Rajasthan with two Spanish ladies, one Columbian & one dutch guy who later returned back to India with his family to attend my sister’s wedding (Frank is like my mom’s white son), broke a leg, Became a Digital nomad, learned swear words in Spanish haha, & so much more… This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want me to answer all the other questions as well: 3. How this goal will help me become a better human? When you know for a fact that you don’t want to share any bad stories the path gets clear. You start differentiating between which one’s a good path and which one’s not.

Good stories = Better Human.

  1. Can this goal fulfill your life? Hell yeah. What’s better than living till 83, chilling on a beach, with 3 grandkids around and telling them stories all day.
  2. Is this goal leading me to freedom? This is the question I couldn’t answer yet. I’m a person who says I don’t know when I don’t know something. But I’m curious and eager to find out.

Having an end goal gave me a purpose I never had before… this website is a part of it. Everything I do will be documented on this website for the just in case purposes.

If you want to find your end goal just ask two questions?

  1. Would this be a good story to my grandkids?
  2. What’s the one thing I’d still do even when I’m 83 years old?

Hope you find your end goal and start creating stories for your grandchildren.

Thank you for reading my first blog. I will be writing a new interesting blogs every monday.

Much Love,

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Sarthak Arya
Sarthak Arya
3 months ago

Hey Prado!! Turning 20 in the coming 5 days and while reading this life excerpt of yours, thinking “Man this dude is awesome” and starting to feel like I also should something about mAH LIFE. I also want to be Digital Nomad and trace the world and meet people. Wish me luck brother and I hope we meet someday

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Every Friday, I share interesting things & stories from Non-Fiction Books, Internet & Life.
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