One stone, two mangoes is one of the well-known phrases and sometimes it’s also known as “One Stone, Two Birds
The definition of the phrase is, “Achieving two things with one action.”

Now, what I’m about to share is a habit-forming method and at the same time a habit-killing method.
What do I mean by that: I will share something that will help you create a habit and at the same time stop doing something we are addicted to.

You can watch the video too.
But to know the detailed version read on.

One of the reasons why I’m writing this blog is because I’ll be sharing more blogs in the coming weeks on Cheap Dopamine (Porn, Masturbation, Unhealthy food, Entertainment, Endless scrolling, Smoking/Drinking, etc.
This blog will help me save time when someone asks how to form or kill a habit. You can join the weekly newsletter to stay updated on new blogs.

Now let’s get back to this blog.

How will we do two things at the same time:
I took inspiration/stole Austin Kleon’s 31-day challenge (Do one thing for 31 days)

I got the idea of hitting two mangoes with one stone after I started doing one thing for 3days.
I thought I should get two sheets but it was too much and I’m the kind of person who likes to keep things as less as possible. (A minimalistic mindset)

What did I change/add?

The first goal was simple, “Go to GYM/Run” and do that every day and cross the box once done.

But I’m a sucker for doing things fast and doing more in less time.
So I decided I’ll add something.

Going to Gym/Run every day is a Habit-forming. (Let’s call this Mango #1)
I want to stop some kind of addiction is a Habit-Killing. (Let’s call this Mango #2)

Few examples of Mango #1 (Habit Creation)

  • Running/Lifting weight
  • Journaling
  • Waking up early
  • Reading books
  • Sending a newsletter every week (I send one every Friday)
  • Writing a blog, creating a video, starting a new project, and many more…

Few examples of Mango #2 (Habit-Killer)

  • Porn/Masturbation
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Endless social media usage
  • F*cked up sleep cycle
  • Netflix and kill (time, energy & life), and many more…

Let’s find out how will we achieve two mangoes with one stone.
In this story, one stone can be a day, a sheet of paper, or both.

This is my One stone, Two mangoes 👇

You can literally create this yourself or you can download the PDF file below (No email required lol, I’m not like others who takes email to give something for free. Though I’d appreciate joining my weekly newsletter)

FREE PDF File Download

Let’s break this down.
I’ll share everything one by one with why I do it this way and how it affects my mind below.

Everything in a single picture (for people in hurry)

Alright let’s go step by step to understand each and every thing in this sheet.

Step 1:- Fill one habit you want to form and one habit/addiction you want to kill
Let’s take ‘Mango 1’ is Running 30 mins every day.
And ‘Mango 2’ is not eating more than three times (Including snacks)

Step 2:- Fill in the Rewards. After the 30-35days you’ll reward yourself with One, Two & your life back on track.

Step 3:- Every day before going to sleep fill the box

How to fill the box:- Mango 1 = “/” & Mango 2 = “”
And if you did both right you’ll get the whole box with big X

(P.S: Use a different colour if possible and add dates with a pen)

What if I didn’t run 30 mins today? or didn’t complete Mango #1?
You’ll strike one on the Empty boxes below.
You don’t have to be too hard on yourself.
If you are in some kind of issue or deadline or emergency and couldn’t complete it, it’s alright.

But if you are making an excuse or made a mistake then go ahead and add that strike in the empty box.

You have 6 strikes each.

I’m a person who takes rest on the 7th day, I write the day on the notes tab.

This means you can relax and don’t have to abide to both the mangoes.
It’s hard to form a habit and much harder to kill one (especially addictive ones)

Do this for 30 days, come back here and tell me how did it go.

But Prado, the whole point of doing only one thing per day and striking the box completely so that it’ll make us keep the streak up and never miss a day.

Well, It depends on the human.

Have you ever missed a day after a long streak and you kind of lose the motivation or just go back to the way things were before?
I mean I know you can be like you lack discipline.

(Maybe you are right) and I think one of the best examples of not losing streak is Snapchat and sending snaps to friends every day.
But forming habits is not as easy as sending a snap.

The reason why I created this because
1. Two things can be accounted for at the same time.
2. If you do even a single thing, you don’t lose the streak.

Tell me which one looks more motivated?



When 10 boxes have red colour in it, It tells me that I can do this for the next 10days then 20, then 30, and on.

Thanks for reading this blog. Don’t forget to share your views, experience, and feedback in the comment section below.

Much love,

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Pradologue Newsletter

Every Friday, I share interesting things & stories from Non-Fiction Books, Internet & Life.
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