Knowledge vs Thinking

Imagine you are an Employer and two candidates come up looking for a job.

Employer:- What’s the height of the building we’re in?

Candidate 1: I majored in Architecture and I memorised the heights of all the buildings on campus and the height of this building is 155 feet. (That’s actually the right answer)

Candidate 1 leaves and in comes candidate 2

Employer: Do you know the height of this building?

Candidate 2: NO, but I’ll be right back…

She runs outside, measures the length of the building’s shadow and then measures the length of her own shadow.

Ratios the height of both the shadows and comes up with a number *runs back*

Candidate 2: It’s about 150 feet

Who are you going to hire?

I’m hiring the person who figured it out even though it took longer and was not as precise. I’m hiring that person because that person knows how to use the mind in a way not previously engaged.

“When you know how to think it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think”

This story was shared by Neil deGrasse Tyson

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1 year ago

Brilliant way to even think about “thinking”. Thanks for sharing these snippets.

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