Real-life superpowers

This is an ongoing essay and will be adding more as I find them. Cheers.

  • Learning how to learn is a superpower.
  • In this chaotic world, learning how to be calm is a superpower.
  • Compounding is an art and mastering it is a superpower.
  • Being a good listener is a superpower.
  • Fake smiling when you are angry is a superpower.
  • Having enough Patience is a superpower.
  • Asking the right question is a superpower.
  • Staying up late and giving company to your Internet friend is a superpower.
  • Knowing what to consume and what to ignore is a superpower.
  • Always giving and never asking in return is a superpower.
  • Not getting disturbed by negativity is a superpower.
  • Taking care of your family is a superpower.
  • Understanding someone’s vibe by just reading what they write is a superpower.
  • Forgiving someone is a superpower.
  • Enjoying your own company is a superpower.

How to create a superpower: Do a small thing consistently over a period of time and people will start seeing it as a superpower in you 🚀

  • Compressing content and conveying the same message with fewer words is a superpower.
  • Complimenting something other than someone’s looks is a superpower.
  • The genuine love for reading itself, when cultivated, is a superpower@naval
  • Not taking things personally is a super power. ~ James Clear
  • Self-love is a superpower ❤️
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